Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Video of Mormons in Estonia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBnLy8veX0s :)

As I think about entering the MTC tomorrow, a quote by Lloyd Alexander plays over and over in my head. "Child, child, do you not see? For each of us comes a time when we must be more than what we are." Study, work, teach, talk to strangers. Yeeeeeahhh. No more naps for me.

Tomorrow's the big day! As of tonight, I'll be an official missionary. All of my contact info is on here. Please keep in touch! I can't guarantee that my writing will be consistent, but I would really love to hear from you all of the same. If you're really bad at writing letters, check out dearelder.com! It's just like writing an e-mail except that I get a hard copy and it's free! Whoo hoo.

Anyway, thank you everyone for your love and support! I'm going to miss you, but I am so excited for the upcoming 18 months! I'll see you all December 2014.

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