Saturday, June 15, 2013

The temple.

After getting over the shock that I was of age to go on a mission back in October, my next thought was, "I can go to the temple." That possibility was so mind-boggling to me. Growing up, I always put the temple way ahead of me. I would do that when I was an adult, I thought. Which, in my head, would have been at least a few more years down the road. But there I was considering a mission and realizing that that would mean going through the temple and therefore, making lifetime commitments.

When my papers had been turned in, my stake president told me that he wanted me endowed as soon as possible. (!!!!!!) I hadn't even been to temple prep. I didn't feel ready at all. The night before I had my interviews for my temple recommend, I was freaking out. Going through the temple adds a lot of responsibility. I mean, wearing garments for the rest of your life? I was so intimidated by the covenants I knew I'd be making not knowing if I'd be strong enough to remain obedient.

However, after my interviews, everything was fiiiiiiine. I felt peace and I felt more confident with a temple recommend in my hand.

I went through the Provo temple. My mama was there along with my dad, four of my brothers, three sister-in-laws and a few of my close friends. Seeing your family dressed in white is absolutely wonderful. Prior to going through the temple, my stake president gave me a bit of advice. He told me just to chill out. Chill out and enjoy the Spirit. And that's what I did. Best advice ever. Did I really have any idea of what was going on? Nope. I mean, not all of it was brand new, but things were certainly presented in a different way.

So, I continued to go to the temple every week. I've experienced a couple of times now, instances where the Lord wants you to do something, and you do it not really knowing why and what the purpose is, but all I can say, is that it makes me incredibly happy when I hearken to the will of the Lord. As a result, He has blessed me with a greater love and understanding of the temple.

Reading back on this, I realize it's kind of vague, but I think that going to the temple is a very different thing for every single person.

I've written this post today, because temple work has been very present on my mind. Yesterday, I met with someone who is from Estonia! She is a pretty recent convert and she is currently here in the U.S. visiting the elders who taught her and other friends. We made contact on Facebook and made plans to meet in person. It was lovely. She told me her conversion story and told me all about Christmas in Estonia and so many other things. She told me she had been doing family history work and did some baptisms the other day. She then gave me three of the names to do the rest of the work for in the temple!! I was so excited.

Today, I spent over four hours in the temple. It was looong, but what a wonderful experience! At one point, it hit me that it was my first time that I was directly serving Estonians. :)

Four days, my friends.

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