Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ten days, folks.

Let me tell you about my last normal weekend before I head off on the mission.

--I went camping.
--I ate crawfish for the first time.
--My mama told scary stories like The Diamond Ring and The Bloody Toe around the campfire. Classics.
--My dad retold the story of shooting a chicken-eating cat nine times for its nine lives.
--My brother dressed up like Tigger. Just for the little kiddos.
--Sarah and I read King Lear out loud to each other.
--We went to our last concert last night. The New Electric Sound. Look them up.
--Red Barn Apple Juice.
--I drive way too fast on the freeway.
--We went to our nephew's baby blessing and got reeaaaallllly lost. At least we made it in time for the  sacrament, right?
--Sarah and I talk about Winston Yellen way too much.
--I learned that I can listen to more than Mormon Tabernacle Choir on my mission. Yessss.
--I had my last interview with my bishop!
--Warm Bodies. How delightfully quirky. And morbid and gross. Great soundtrack. Runaway by The National is a lovely song. Also, I think my brother and I will, from now on, be speaking like zombies to each other. "Say something human! Say something human... 'How... are... you.... ?' Nailed it."
--I looked at a plethora of pictures of Estonia.

Oh, you want to look at some too? Cool. Cool cool cool.

--Last thing. Sigur Ros is a great stress reliever.
--Oh, oh! And so is Viggo Mortensen's voice. Especially when he's narrating one of my favorite books.  ^^

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