Sunday, August 25, 2013

Dearest family,
In three weeks, I will be IN Estonia! Crazy, crazy, crazy. We've started receiving e-mails from our mission president already and it's crazy to read about all of the goals that are being met and the miracles people are seeing in the mission. This is real life for me... and my life until November 2014. Just so you all know, I think my mission is ending right about then. November 28th. I think it has something to do with transfer dates, but it's just a few weeks earlier than I had expecteed.
Anyway, this week has been good. The Hungarians in our zone left us earlier this week. We're next!! Us and the Finns. We have a NEW cafeteria. Woot woot. Yesterday was Harry Potter's birthday so last night, we all drew scars on our foreheads and had Martinelli's and cookie dough and surprised out sister training leaders.
The language is getting better and better. We've gone over all of the concepts and we are just practicing for the next few weeks! Surprsingly, the fourteen cases haven't been as hard as I would have thought... it's just the partitive case that kicks my butt every single time.
I feel like I don't have too much to say this week! It has bee a really hard week. There's a quote by C.S. Lewis that tells us to imagine we're living houses. God comes in and fixes the pipes and broken windows and we know what he's doing because we knew those jobs needed to be done. But then he starts knocking things about and building new staircases and what not and it hurts abominable. Then we realize that all we watned to be was a cute little cottage. But God is making us into palaces. Hands down, I would say the hardest thing about being a missionary is trying to be selfless. There are some days when I feel like I'm really getting it, but then again, I'm just giving myself the credit, and I get tore down again and have to start learning all over again. Ha. I hope that made sense. Anyway... it's tough, but it's good.
I'll just end with my testimony, because that's what missionaries do, right? But I also want all of you to know of my testimony and how much it's grown since I've been here. This past week, I have studied the Atonement a lot. And also the character of Christ. Elder Bednar said in a talk that "with the character of Christ, there wouldn't have been an Atonement". How true. Life is tough. We all have trials. I know that I will come to know and love many people in Estonia who have gone through similar things that I have and that our family has gone through, and I can help them come closer to Christ to receive the comfort, peace, and the healing power that the Atonement offers. Ma tean et Jeesuse Kristuse on meie Päästja. Tema elab. Ma tean et Jumal saatis oma Poja oma peale lepitama meie pattude eest. Lepituse kaudu, meie saame trööst ja rahu. Ma tean et Jumal on meie Taevane isa. Meie on tema lapsed. Taevane Isa armastab meid palju! Ma tean et Mormoni Raamat on Jumala sõna. Ma armastab teid minu terve südamega.
I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. He lives. I know that God sent his Son to Earth to atone for our sins. Through the Atonement, we can receive comfort and peace. I know that God is our Heavenly Father. We are His children. Heavenly Father loves us so much! I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love you all with my whole heart.
I'm not totally sure if that's all right, but there you go! One last thought. My favorite scripture is Alma 32 verse 27. It tells us to awake and arouse our faculties and to exercise just a particle of faith. Even if can't do more than desire to believe, let that desire work inside of us until we give place for the word fo God. I love that scripture so much. It assures me that with everything I'm trying to do, it all starts with a particle of faith, or even just a desire to believe.
Sorry if that was a bit solemn. I kind of got lost in my thoughts. I love you all. I hope all is well! THank you for your prayers. I pray for you all every day.

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